Estekane (2)

Rosa in her coral dress, and Ascot black hat strolling in the market. The blind man sitting on the pavement beside his kiosk, selling some used utensils and object d’art. What attracted her was his sign, she felt sad that she is blessed to see the world, and he is not. She wanted to sit next to him, and describe what is happening around them.

She wants to tell him about that young man in the Hawaiian shirt staring at her from the opposite side of the kiosk.

Rosa looks around at the trays and boxes in the kiosk. Arrays of objects, some commemorating the recent silver Jubilee of the reigning monarch, while others commemorating the previous strings of monarchs in the last century. Grumpy, fake portraits, everyday objects, some pins, some old chipped vases.

Why doesn’t he have anything special, I have all those common items, some from mum and some from aunt. I want something special, something unique, a piece marked by some unknown artisan, from somewhere exotic. Something delicate yet astonishing.  

Where can I find this piece among all this clutter.

Rosa steps closer to the blind man, looks at him, at his collection box: just a Heinz cardboard decorated with some pins, ribbons. A rusty bell is just next to his thigh, so he could attract potential customers. Yet among all the items in the box, laid there was the most beautiful object Rosa has ever seen.

The curvy cup, with golden lines, the delicate glass, enameled and bejeweled. She knew there and then, that this is the most beautiful piece of craftsmanship she have seen in her life. She had to buy it, treasure it, and make it a family heirloom for her unborn children.


2 thoughts on “Estekane (2)

  1. Noor says:

    she felt sad that she is blessed to see the world, and he is not. She wanted to sit next to him, and describe what is happening around them.
    ^ that’s perfect. Definitely my fav part because I can easily relate to the feeling.

    I love that she’s looking for antiques in a dress and a hat and there’s someone in a hawaiian shirt checking her out. Love the contrast.

    When she found what she was looking for, that moment you’ve written so well. One could feel her exasperation at all the common things and then her delight at what she found.

    And the last line was brilliant!

  2. observationofalostsoul says:

    Thanks Noor I am so glad you enjoyed it 😀 Hope all is great at your end.

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