Go Set A Watchman – Review #HarperLee


One of the most anticipated novels of 2015. More like an early draft of To Kill a Mockingbird. The book is not coherent enough, it’s more like snippets and vignettes that would have lead to something concrete and understandable. 

I didn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoyed To Kill a Mockingbird. It lacked that climax event that was in the Mockingbird.

Though it was nice to visit Maycomb and see what happened in two decades.

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An Event in Autumn- Review

This book sees Wallander living with his daughter Linda in Ystad. He is looking for a country house. The events of the book take place in the autumn as show in the title.

Viewing a potential new house, he stumbles across human hand in the garden. It’s the clue to a decades-old mystery which Wallander is keen to get his teeth into; and no, he doesn’t buy the house.

He is a man with no dog, no life and no woman.

It was a smooth read with a nice twist and a couple of red herrings. It transports you to the winter barren scape of a Swedish town.


The Strange Library – A Review

A very short fable by Haruki Murakami. I think this fable is addressed to Young Adults. The main character steps into the public library to look for answers. To read. To research a topic ( taxation in Ottoman Turkey) a random topic which is so Murakami.

He is then sent away into the depth of the library to face an interesting destiny.

The cast of secondary characters include a sheep man. A mysterious girl with no vocal cords. and the old man.

I think this could be a warning tale to children not to approach public libraries before closing time and get locked in it. or just a fantasy when you read a book and just get lost in it and escape into another world. another dimension. 

The narrative is crisp and fresh. yet it’s lacking the complexity of a regular Murakami.

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The killing of the Tinkers – Review

Jack Taylor is back. Back from London with a leather jacket. A new man on coke. one line after another. The burden of the past in The Guards the 1st book gives the background to this sequel.

A new case. tinkers are being killed. Tinkers or gypsies. Clans that move between grounds. Someone is targeting them.

The narrative mixes flashbacks from London with the present of Galway. Bruen uses the same techniques as he did in the Guards. A lot of references to books and authors. I do enjoy a fictional character that reads.

Jack Taylor is far from a perfect detective. He lives in Dante’s Hell. The past chases him. His only refuge are in books , booze and boobs. intellectual alcoholic. An Irish noir. one does sympathize with him no matter what. his humanity does shine in some instants.

Off to book 3 of the series.

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The moans of a deaf girl

I wonder late at night .. just in bed. In a fetal position
If the deaf girl moans
If the nerves synapse . Fire. Click. Shoot
I wonder silently with open eyes
If the deaf girl moans
If she screams
Pants for breath

If she feels the rain hitting the window
The light streaming through the blinds
If she sense that pea soup thick fog

It’s me . The night. And a thought
Repeating on a theme
A theme … never ending
Infinity drilling into my head


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