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Pillsbury Park

Pillsbury Park again.
Another day, 24 hours ahead of me.
Hundreds of minutes, thousands of seconds, all in my head and on the dial of my watch.
Sun, rain, snow or wind. You will find me here at the park.
The men playing checkers , children chasing pigeons.
A sandwich vendor across the street from me , selling various sandwiches all wrapped in clear triangle.
Do I buy them ?
No, never I always have my own.
Why Pillsbury Park ? The Pillsbury Man is here , high and doughy, dough made from stone.  Overlooking us, like a mini mighty.
A clash wakes me up from this reverie , a sound from my childhood. From the old country. The sound of two marbles clashing on a pavement, the sound of entropy and chaos, the sound of victory and defeat.
O, what a nice day at Pillsbury Park.   

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A timeless question

Did you ever say hello to a girl you almost married years ago ?

Did she give you the same captivating smile, and give you a hug .. a gesture ?

Did the wrinkles around her lips make you wonder what amazing moments you missed with her ?

That’s how I felt about London, every time I came back here.

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A Thought About Syria Today

A blast in Damascus killed so far 4 members of the inner circle of Bashar al Assad.

A few things did strike me this morning. The Syrian State television announced the news about the blast and the casualties in a fast and unusual manner. Hezbollah’s controlled television Al Manar also broadcasted the news as fast as the Syrian state channel.

I just feel that there is something fishy going on, you can’t target 4 major Syrian ministers/ military officials without any special forces/intelligence training or something along a SWAT mission. I doubt that just a person could go in and boom blast themselves among those meeting there.

If the Freedom Army did it.. i think it did got help from outside and to be honest i have zero faith in the Muslim Brotherhood in all countries in the Middle East. I can see them meeting with any one;s enemies to form a coalition.

I even sense that Syrians are forgetting that they are killing themselves..their brothers..neighbors..their schoolmates..a distant cousin .. familiar building toppled…mosques and churches.. just a memory of them…blasts in schools…homes…no where to bury the dead…thousands in exile…is it a Syrian diaspora?? Is It? do we need a nation in exile every decade??

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In the fast lane
eye blink speed
One day you are on all four
Another day on two
The next day you are wheeled around


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Life in 140 characters




Life: collage of past experiences, dreams, fantasies .. a bunch of ‘what ifs’ strung together in a crucible.

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