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She.. The Mistress of the NIght

She was sitting there, in the far corner of the bar basking in the ultra blue light of the bar. Legs crossed. Sheer black dress. Ruby red lipstick.

A slim cigarette in an ivory holder held firmly between her lips. Puffs of little clouds escaping with every breath.

Slightly chipped nails playing with the curls. an inwardly pressure building. an eruption of feelings. Feelings across the spectrum. The need to be held then released. Kissed and left alone under a lamp in the street. Wined and dined with no promises beyond 9pm.

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Fragment #1 Infinite Stardust

She..is infinite stardust. An illustrated female in a brownstone. Her first apartment in the big city. An apartment framed with flowers: geraniums, tulips, roses..clay pots on windows..in the kitchen, the bathroom and among pieces of luggage, and milk crates – her furniture-.

She runs her fingers through  her thrifty wardrobe ..collected over many visits to various boutiques in dark alleys.

Her ginger cat looking at her through emerald green eyes..laying by the lenses of her expensive Canon..her only gagdet .. and rows of Chablis bottles filled with roses in various stages of life.

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