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Spiritual Alcoholic

Back a few years ago..on a night in February.. a Tuesday or a Thursday… a day that ends with a Y.   A night..my door was ajar..in bed, reading Civilisation and Its Discontents by S. Freud – 2002 Penguin edition. A dry read on a winter night.. knock knock.. a slight knock; feathers against a window. One moment please. A blond head appears from the corner.. A Julie Christie look-alike, blue-grey eyes..olive coat..jeans and a coral colored top. Is David here – the roommate-. No he is not..just left; maybe to the cafeteria or the store to get something..

What are you reading

Just a Freud book- Psychology

Can you analyse me? A slight smile

Not from the 1st meeting, perhaps I have to know you more

Would you like a beer?

Sure I would like a cold one..

I gave her a cold green bottle from the white fridge in the corner of the room..the one with the magnets..the papers..the Rolling Stones lips on the door and a magnetic bottle opener..what a genius invention.
She took off her shoes.. and i saw her wearing sky blue anklet socks.. sitting like a calm meditating Buddhist on David’s bed with a bottle of chilled beer on her lap.. an image of a spiritual alcoholic.

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Body Dysmorphia : Chop Chop Chop

Body Dysmorphia or Body Dysmorphic disorder is a psychosomatic [ physical caused by psychological disorder ] in which the affected person is excessively concerned about and preoccupied by a perceived defect in his or her physical features.

It is more of an obsession than a sexual tendency. They are stable, that have a job, a stable life, they look normal and ordinarily on the outside. They just have one different aspect.. they dislike or loathe some part of their body. I can’t see the use of legs or arms or shoulders would be common reasom for an operation.

They are not delusional, they do not hear voices .. nor the great voice of God orders them to chop chop chop.. Some live a mental life of an amputee.. some ise a wheelchair to imitate the liufe of an amputee.

It is a desire.. an obsession.. I just cant see me walking with two limbs.. that lower left leg is just non-sense.

Would you chop chop chop

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Phobia and Philia


A phobia would be a fear, of course, possibly of commitment or entanglement. A philia would imply love, possibly of freedom or opportunity. Although technically a philia shades toward issues of abnormal appetite, in your case possibly for secrecy. We must ask of people who fly beneath the radar, why exactly? Is radar in itself unacceptable, or is the terrian down there uniquely attractive?

Lee Child


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