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Salman Rushdie on final editions of books

” When a book leaves its author’s desk it changes. Even before anyone has read it, before eyes other than its creator have looked upon a single phrase it is irretrievably altered. It has become a book that can be read, that no longer belongs to its master. It has acquired in a sense, a free will.”

Salman Rushdie in his memoir Joseph Anton

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Midnight Cry

A cry in the middle of the night … Not even a cry.. a sound..an audio of a repeated note.. a note of pain..anger..disappointment..green bile..rising in the body…o god I have been cheated…cry me a river…a hug..a mixture of body…sweat…muscles…fatigue..a cry of an injured animal..injustice …in the air…the teeth clenching on virgin skin..on pale creamy skin…teeth marks..no wounds…in a corner of the square …him injured..she soothing the pain…hug..a standing cuddle…an observer in the dark

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Midnight Lips



She whispers his name
he whispers her before he closes
his eyes
her name
one letter at a time
leaving his lips
maybe reaching hers
and when she wakes up
she find her name
stained on the window
from the outside
from him

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Midnight… a strike…a prayer…a thought

Clock struck midnight

I think of you

I say you are gorgeous

you blush

I smile

I read for you

You write

I whisper

You listen

I sleep

You stare

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