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4 letters dilemma

I love four lettered words…the sort of words that describe deep sets of emotions. Groups of feelings, sensations, a range of human behaviours that evolved with us…along us in the bushes and the hills…the tundra and the frozen oceans..

Those 4 letter words.. a lot of them.. a combination of four letters just arranged next to each others… They do sound nice, sweet, eloquent..they are packed with holy crap…four strangers meeting on a line in a sentence or stand alone..

A phonetic joy.. a linguistic ecstasy.. a delightful fuckery..

I do blame Disney , the Grimm Brothers and a lot of sheep for some of these 4 lettered words.

Roses are red, Sugar is white .. and i love you … Duuuuuuh…sugar coated ox feces.

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