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The Black Sea

Come here my child
The Apple of my eyes
Come closer to mommy
See the blue sea
Your father is dead
Come here boy
The Atlantic is all that before and after us

Ativan … Ativan , the nectar of Hades
Filled the child, the son
But not the holy spirit
The child was the son of man
A man no longer breathes

Both perished
The muses of Atlantica
Bought them to shore
One lonely moonlit summer night

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Five Rivers

The last night
The farewell
The night of the living dead
5 blades across the flesh
The first try
A plough of blood
Trail of blood
5 crimson rivers running up my thigh
Gushing out of me
Into you
Pouring into your vessel
Filling your vial
My 5 rivers in you
Love… Everlasting

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Fragment #4 Dark Side of the Rock

The streets are empty in that part of town. The part that caught the plague a few years back. Bucolic plague. Rats infesting in old downtown houses along Duckworth , Queens Rd and up Barters Hill…plague running from one wooden house to the next. The grim-reaper full blown. 3G of death.
Character retaining houses..solid from the outside..termite infested on the inside..the houses of the Brothers ..the ghosts of the past..the torture, scream, bloody fingers, cracked nails, chipped mugs, broken bones..

Passing by them ..solid brick mansions..thousands of feet of sickness, death, the creaky stairs, soot filled chimneys..blocks of ash..lint..mice dropping decorating the kitchen’s counter…

The water is grey..the ocean is dying

Still passing by those areas..glorious in the past..still intact on the outside , yet infested with a sense of evil, death and sickness.

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Fragment #2 The Wall

Rain rain rain
Pouring down, knocking on my door
Surrounding those who left
Those who refused to come in from the cold.

The strangers who left that morning
They ran under sheets of rain
Ran to the wall for their meeting

Me.. the only one left behind
The burden of waiting
The burden of time
Aging till the wall calls me

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Sad Reality

The genocide of a nation is a statistic … The death of one man is a national tragedy. #story #sadthough #reality

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