The killing of the Tinkers – Review

Jack Taylor is back. Back from London with a leather jacket. A new man on coke. one line after another. The burden of the past in The Guards the 1st book gives the background to this sequel.

A new case. tinkers are being killed. Tinkers or gypsies. Clans that move between grounds. Someone is targeting them.

The narrative mixes flashbacks from London with the present of Galway. Bruen uses the same techniques as he did in the Guards. A lot of references to books and authors. I do enjoy a fictional character that reads.

Jack Taylor is far from a perfect detective. He lives in Dante’s Hell. The past chases him. His only refuge are in books , booze and boobs. intellectual alcoholic. An Irish noir. one does sympathize with him no matter what. his humanity does shine in some instants.

Off to book 3 of the series.

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The moans of a deaf girl

I wonder late at night .. just in bed. In a fetal position
If the deaf girl moans
If the nerves synapse . Fire. Click. Shoot
I wonder silently with open eyes
If the deaf girl moans
If she screams
Pants for breath

If she feels the rain hitting the window
The light streaming through the blinds
If she sense that pea soup thick fog

It’s me . The night. And a thought
Repeating on a theme
A theme … never ending
Infinity drilling into my head

Bubble tent

How can one live in a tent. A glass bubble. A fort and not hear the cries of hungry wolves and thirsty children.

The Bear – Marian Engels ( Review)

Lou and the bear.

Lou the lady who works underground. . in the darkness… collecting the history of families … yellowed pictures. . foxy books. cataloging and long dark nights.

She gets a chance to spend a summer at Cray Island. A house.. more like a mansion. all for herself to catalogue .. books and furniture.. and a bear.

Bear a bear .. a male. the musk and dirt. the organic and natural. an inhabitant .. a fixture .. with every colonel there was a bear. he is the last of them.

this book caused a lot of controversy. . a woman in love with a bear. a love that evolved from companionship… caring.. feeding into a sensual beastiality. A woman craving a man.

Lou is conscious of her actions. she knows what she’s doing. she is not sugar coating .. she loves Bear. Looking for a real macho. something that’s not tainted. a pure form.

the erotica in this book is probably in the last quarter of it. It may be graphic for some, yet it’s there to show you how normal it can be.

Marian Engels did a marvelous job in this short novel. She truly transported the reader into the island. one can smell the sea and forget the city. forget the noise and pollution and venture into a dark Victorian library and relax with a bear sleeping by the fire.

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A love Supreme

John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme
Escaping into the night
The sixties… the beautiful and damned.
Camelot in its final act
Youth in the streets
Elders in high rise
America the young with a pox face

Soul on ice
Armies in the night
Black panther in Chicago

Petals on a wet black bough

        In a station of the metro
   Ezra Pound

Campuses on fire
Flesh blocked doors
Bullets Wizz in the dawn
Crimson river of existential ideas.