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Go Set A Watchman – Review #HarperLee


One of the most anticipated novels of 2015. More like an early draft of To Kill a Mockingbird. The book is not coherent enough, it’s more like snippets and vignettes that would have lead to something concrete and understandable. 

I didn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoyed To Kill a Mockingbird. It lacked that climax event that was in the Mockingbird.

Though it was nice to visit Maycomb and see what happened in two decades.

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The killing of the Tinkers – Review

Jack Taylor is back. Back from London with a leather jacket. A new man on coke. one line after another. The burden of the past in The Guards the 1st book gives the background to this sequel.

A new case. tinkers are being killed. Tinkers or gypsies. Clans that move between grounds. Someone is targeting them.

The narrative mixes flashbacks from London with the present of Galway. Bruen uses the same techniques as he did in the Guards. A lot of references to books and authors. I do enjoy a fictional character that reads.

Jack Taylor is far from a perfect detective. He lives in Dante’s Hell. The past chases him. His only refuge are in books , booze and boobs. intellectual alcoholic. An Irish noir. one does sympathize with him no matter what. his humanity does shine in some instants.

Off to book 3 of the series.

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Gone Girl : A Review


Gone Girl. Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. Boy and Girl in love. Girl vanish… did the Boy cause the Girl to vanish?


Amy and Nick; two modern couple celebrating their fifth anniversary. Amy decides to play one lovely treasure hunt with her husband: not the usual treasure hunt they play every anniversary. Not the usual treasure hunt that brings back good memories; a bottle of wine, a candle lit dinner, but a treasure hunt that may make the husband the most loathed person in the area if not the country.


Amy and Nick; two different backgrounds. She; the daughter of affluent psychologists turned authors of Amazing Amy. Amazing Amy the alter ego of their own daughter who is righteous, and goody two shoes. Yet she is filled with hate. Deceit. Master Puppeteer.


Nick; the son of a family from North Carthage. A journalist. a byproduct of recession and the downfall of newspapers.


Both: master psychopaths. Charming and dangerous. Addicts to each others and parasites on each others. A complete yin and yang. Both are dark characters from the cesspool of humanity.


The novel is good. Amazing page turner and a thriller. Yet, the characterisation and development was retarded… No development in plot that makes it the IT book of 2013/ 2014.


A modern love story of twists, lies, deceit and attention. A tale of crocodile tears, back stabs. A tale of delusive narratives

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Pillsbury Park

Pillsbury Park again.
Another day, 24 hours ahead of me.
Hundreds of minutes, thousands of seconds, all in my head and on the dial of my watch.
Sun, rain, snow or wind. You will find me here at the park.
The men playing checkers , children chasing pigeons.
A sandwich vendor across the street from me , selling various sandwiches all wrapped in clear triangle.
Do I buy them ?
No, never I always have my own.
Why Pillsbury Park ? The Pillsbury Man is here , high and doughy, dough made from stone.  Overlooking us, like a mini mighty.
A clash wakes me up from this reverie , a sound from my childhood. From the old country. The sound of two marbles clashing on a pavement, the sound of entropy and chaos, the sound of victory and defeat.
O, what a nice day at Pillsbury Park.   

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Five Rivers

The last night
The farewell
The night of the living dead
5 blades across the flesh
The first try
A plough of blood
Trail of blood
5 crimson rivers running up my thigh
Gushing out of me
Into you
Pouring into your vessel
Filling your vial
My 5 rivers in you
Love… Everlasting

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