The Vanishing God

Seriously where is he? among all the killing , all the blood, all the debris of humanity. Is he among the blood stained loaves of bread? The pus covered rolls ? The phlegm infested cakes? Where is he the avenger of evil? 


4 thoughts on “The Vanishing God

  1. Norma Gee says:

    So you think you’re superior to others just because you don’t believe in God or religion? Think you’re cool, edgy, huh? You like the attention don’t you, man you relish it. You think that having this mentality means that you’re civilized, open minded? Well guess what, you’re no better than anybody. Wake up from this illusion you live in.

  2. observationofalostsoul says:

    Where did I say that I don’t believe or believe in god.. if god can stop evil and killing and then does nothing and allows children to be slaughtered and women to be raped then sometimes its worthwhile to consider the attributes of a god like that.

    thanks for your comment .

  3. Norma Gee says:

    Seriously? Well who said people were perfect, who said we only make good and no evil? Evil lives in all of us, some more present than in others. If life was perfect, no one would pray and hope for a better ending. Life is supposed to be a f* in the butt. If I were a God I would allow shit to happen and value each person on their reactions and patience, then how am I supposed to believe a man who says he will believe me no matter what?

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