Another Eid

Another eid , another river of blood, another slaughter. Another eid, another celebration, another sacrifice and yet another sacrilege. The sacred and the profane. The ebb and flow of the human race. The cry of death from the east, yet tender bones are being crushed.

Another eid, another shouts ..cries..cemeteries drapped in black , red, white, doves, bits and pieces of used to be homo sapiens.

Another day .. the spectre of death ploughing the land of the living .. welcome to Hades..join us on the river Styx.

The sun stopped rising many fortnights ago, the eyes of him red as spinel embedded in his black skull..the fire in his eyes and his machines …sprouting …blazing …burning ..stopping at none

Yet in death may they find the joy of life ..bodies intertwined ..inseparable..entangled on a journey of burned self discovery.

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