Fragment #10 Penguin

Why do you love Penguin – the publishing house- ?

Because …

Because is not an answer, I thought words were your lovers.

Because .. How can you not love an Orange coloured spine, with an innocent looking penguin.

But, this is not an answer..that is not the answer I am looking for. You are not 5 years old anymore.

Penguin , Dr. Inquisitive, means a lot for me. The quality of a book for a reasonable price. Their modern classic series, a childhood companion when I was not in my gym class, I would be in a room reading a book.

So you hated people?

I love mankind, but I hate people.

Why do you like Penguin, not Vintage or City Lights ?

When you publish a banned or as it was called obscene – Lady Chatterly- and win a case in front the court , and allow millions of people to read the book. This inspires you to respect them.

But they published books that caused a lot of problems like The Satanic Verses..?

Book terrorism never happened before that, if it was not Penguin, it would be any other publishing house. Your question does not prove a point.

Your answer is even more ridiculous… What’s your favourite book?

The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough. An Australian author. A family saga in the Australian outback over six decades in a book about love, religion, war, dedication, secrets. What goes around comes around sort of book.

Though it is not a Penguin book .. Avon is the publisher as I recall..

That doesn’t mean I only read Penguin books.. this is becoming ridiculous .. I withdraw …


March of Penguin

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