The Love Machine

Our guy sitting in front of the machine. The room is dark. Everything is dark. Five machines by the far wall of this drinking space. Rainbow of bottles arranged behind Tina, the blonde mistress if this establishment.

Blue cap, cig dangling from his mouth, dead limb object between his lips. A sweaty green bottle of light beer between his thighs , a dark navy threadbare windbreaker with GTA stitched on the back in red letters.

A regular, non descriptive, blends in crowds. A version of the invisible man, who sometimes is an invisible monster. Wolf disguised as sheep.

A shiney quarter between his fingers. A bust of Her Majesty embossed on one side, regal bust, a majestic view. A head laden with gems; uneasy lies the head under a diamond tiara. Her Majesty by the grace of Him ..vacant eyes staring into the east or perhaps a beautiful garden in the hills of Balmoral in real life.

That quarter changed his life.

Dust in the Wind by Kansas .. escaping trough the music system .. a guy next to him moving his thin blue lips to the song..all we are is dust in the wind. More like crap on the ground. He thought. People are just so sappy and hopelessly devoted to you.  I

Close your eyes.
Settle down.
Run your fingers around the jagged edges.
Feel them..count infinite number of lines.

Feed the machine, insert money .. a vertical slot to accept coins, a horizontal one to accept paper money. The coin will be eaten ..swallowed could hear the machine eat it..digest it and count it.

His fingers caressing the play knob. A huge red knob with play painted in white .. a huge solid red tomato with a mouldy surface in white, cream and green.

Fruits and lines appear on the screen. Cherries, berries, lemons, bells and sevens. A combination of them …a slim chance to hit jackpot .

Close his eyes
Evoke the gods
A pool
Naked women
And him
A la playboy

Hey Jack somone calls him, as he presses the buttom. how is life, work and family .. he.talks, usual words and usual phrases..


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