Fragment #4 Dark Side of the Rock

The streets are empty in that part of town. The part that caught the plague a few years back. Bucolic plague. Rats infesting in old downtown houses along Duckworth , Queens Rd and up Barters Hill…plague running from one wooden house to the next. The grim-reaper full blown. 3G of death.
Character retaining houses..solid from the outside..termite infested on the inside..the houses of the Brothers ..the ghosts of the past..the torture, scream, bloody fingers, cracked nails, chipped mugs, broken bones..

Passing by them ..solid brick mansions..thousands of feet of sickness, death, the creaky stairs, soot filled chimneys..blocks of ash..lint..mice dropping decorating the kitchen’s counter…

The water is grey..the ocean is dying

Still passing by those areas..glorious in the past..still intact on the outside , yet infested with a sense of evil, death and sickness.

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