Red .. red shoes

Red flats.. red suede flats was the first thing that caught my attention. New red suede shoes.. a back to school purchase, perhaps a gift from her mother.

She sat by the window..the rays hitting her chestnut coloured hair and giving it a honey coloured shade. A lovely profile, small nose..thin lips painted in a pink rose hue, and a cream coloured silk scarf with a frame of roses wrapped loosely around her neck. Two cubic zirconia stuffs in her left ear, nothing visible of her right ear. Three rings on her left hand, two on the index and one on the pinky.

I sat behind her.. to the left, so I can easily observe her without rousing any attention.. occasionally looking at her.. absorbing her actions.. drawing a memory of her in my mind.. a micro picture to store in the album of life.

Her brown satchel .. a Cambridge satchel .. brown and black ..sleek and classic.

Me , the lone spider .. just a spider knitting a sticky web, a dark web longing for a victim, a smaller insect to devour or enjoy. I wanted to touch her hair, whisper some archaic words into her..fill her with the beauty of life. The jeans is one size tighter, blood is rushing downward.. a solo act of love in public.. are people looking at me..

The red stop button is pressed … A jerk .. a stop .. she stands up.. walks three steps to the electric door, waves her right hand in front of the door… The sun hits my eyes and she is gone…forever.

I forgot her leather bound Dante’s Inferno… She was reading canto four.. the noble souls who died without a baptism.

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