A Thought About Syria Today

A blast in Damascus killed so far 4 members of the inner circle of Bashar al Assad.

A few things did strike me this morning. The Syrian State television announced the news about the blast and the casualties in a fast and unusual manner. Hezbollah’s controlled television Al Manar also broadcasted the news as fast as the Syrian state channel.

I just feel that there is something fishy going on, you can’t target 4 major Syrian ministers/ military officials without any special forces/intelligence training or something along a SWAT mission. I doubt that just a person could go in and boom blast themselves among those meeting there.

If the Freedom Army did it.. i think it did got help from outside and to be honest i have zero faith in the Muslim Brotherhood in all countries in the Middle East. I can see them meeting with any one;s enemies to form a coalition.

I even sense that Syrians are forgetting that they are killing themselves..their brothers..neighbors..their schoolmates..a distant cousin .. familiar building toppled…mosques and churches.. just a memory of them…blasts in schools…homes…no where to bury the dead…thousands in exile…is it a Syrian diaspora?? Is It? do we need a nation in exile every decade??

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