Grass..Universal God

Have you ever done drugs ?

Yes, once last year.. with two girls and a guy.

Can you tell me more ?

If you want..just close your eyes…I shall tell you the tale. A night in January I was at Tory’s house. She’s a friend from Croatia ..fair skin..dark hair..she was tall..she reminds me of Anjelica Huston ..just watching a show on tv and then she said ..have you ever had some grass.. I said no never, she looked at me and said everyone has a vice, we must find yours..I was naive or maybe more adventurous..get your coat we are going out… we walked down the street ..the wind blowing in my face ..the collar of the jacket somehow protecting my neck and red scarf forgotten on the coffee table up at her flat..

Few more minutes ..we reached a garage was freshly painted in cream coloured paint..three knocks on the door..short..long..short and the side door of the garage opened…

It was corner occupied by a large used red couch..a wooden coffee table occupying the space ..a glass shaped Bong .. no one in sight… Are you sure it is ok I said.. shosh, everything will be fine.. just sit on the couch and relax.. would you like some ginger ale, it helps when you are high.. I was a bit paranoid, I never tried drugs or anything in my life, other than the usual beer or drink with friends.. am I ready for this adventure..Am I ready to discover some hidden personality just below my regular facade; do I have a mask of insanity somewhere in my psyche??

Sure let us puff the train..or the reefer..the joint..pass the imaginary Rastafarian chorus playing in the background of my the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight…or did she play a medley of Beatles and Pink Floyd ..or just the best of the 60s with California Dreamin’ I honestly can’t remember the tune of the night…

I remember her electric blue lighter with her name in the side ..TORY .. not the political party .. she’s the opposite. A blue flame exhale ..some weed she said that was soaked in beer or scotch I have no idea..inhale slowly ..don’t inhale deeply or you would cough.. My mentor that night…

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Take your time … enjoy …

My head is light … my eyes are drowsy … my throat is dry .. I am jumping on the coach…declaring my love to her ..saying I love you vic..I want you vic..pulling a Tom Cruise on Oprah’s couch antic..

Life is wonderful .. give peace a chance … give peace a chance

You know your people – she is pointing her long slender finger at me – killed my people and my people killed yours .. for what .. for which version of God is better than the other .. my dad lost cousins so Jesus would be better than Allah .. and here I am introducing you to a universal GOD called GRASS …


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