Lara … A Conversation

The bedroom … barely light.. the alarm clock shows 6:06 am .. a bird chirping on a wire

A sound .. a female sound.. a familiar female sound

Lara: Wake up… let me sit on your lap while you type.. wake up .. and I will smoke a cigarette

Me: Good morning.. doesn’t one say good morning any more?

Lara: Good morning.. my love…pride and joy… Wake up

Dragging myself to the cluttered corner where a blue Brother Charger typewriter sits proudly amidst a river of words and syntax

The chair is still warm.. from the few rays entering through the venetian blinds in a dusty shade of cream.

A slim cigarette in her mouth… between those luscious lips that drive me crazy every night…a pink plastic Bic lighter with Hello Kitty stenciled on the front

Let there be light.. and there shall be light she whispered with a hint of a mischievous smile

My fingers stroke the black letters on the typewriter.. she looks over my shoulder…

Move over she ordered … just move

An evil smile…

My arms around her waist..a slender waist.. olive skinned…smooth as silk

A faint smoke obscuring the clear view before my eyes

Her right non smoking hand brushing my face.. my lips.. then slowly through her hair

The torture…

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