Spiritual Alcoholic

Back a few years ago..on a night in February.. a Tuesday or a Thursday… a day that ends with a Y.   A night..my door was ajar..in bed, reading Civilisation and Its Discontents by S. Freud – 2002 Penguin edition. A dry read on a winter night.. knock knock.. a slight knock; feathers against a window. One moment please. A blond head appears from the corner.. A Julie Christie look-alike, blue-grey eyes..olive coat..jeans and a coral colored top. Is David here – the roommate-. No he is not..just left; maybe to the cafeteria or the store to get something..

What are you reading

Just a Freud book- Psychology

Can you analyse me? A slight smile

Not from the 1st meeting, perhaps I have to know you more

Would you like a beer?

Sure I would like a cold one..

I gave her a cold green bottle from the white fridge in the corner of the room..the one with the magnets..the papers..the Rolling Stones lips on the door and a magnetic bottle opener..what a genius invention.
She took off her shoes.. and i saw her wearing sky blue anklet socks.. sitting like a calm meditating Buddhist on David’s bed with a bottle of chilled beer on her lap.. an image of a spiritual alcoholic.

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