Classical Note

A classical tune invaded my ears.. something old classic song I used to listen to at my Grandfather’s house .. in a place beyond the ocean, in another another life. I could see the rows of men and women…men in dark suits…spectacles..cigarettes.. some in military outfits..politicians mingling with artists..posh velvet seats…peppered among them fashionable ladies in delicate dresses..mink coats if the weather is cold..bejeweled ladies…gems sparkling around their neck…in their hair…on their wrists…an ivory cigarette holder…or perhaps bone.

All the eyes are staring at the thick velvet curtains covering the stage, a few notes may escape the thick curtains.. a violin.. a cello…a guitar here or there..may be a oud.. or a sax..ears picking those strayed notes..anxious.. all waiting for the curtains to open and the flow of music to overtake them into a musical bliss.

Suddenly, the curtains open..the lady ..on a wooden chair..straight-backed.. a dark evening gown..5 strands of pearls around her neck..chandelier earrings..looking at her crowd…taking them in…gazing into their souls..reading their minds..them..obedient students under a stern headmistress.

A wave of ocean..a movements on the stage.. then with a slight move from her silk scarf..the music is born..the keys unite..the notes fill the air in an orgy of instruments..systematic..precise..organised and enchanting.

The end of a 10 minutes intro..she stands a lioness…bows for them…and a golden voice starts to sing..produce music..a voice box that needed no tune..smooth as silk..the crowd enchanted like that cobra swaying to the tunes of an Indian snake enchanter.

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2 thoughts on “Classical Note

  1. amazing use of descriptive language, could visualize every part of it. Nice work 🙂

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