Lovers in Dangerous Times

They were walking down the street.. you would think that it was just one person.. a copy..a body divided into two equal parts.. the same gestures..walk…signs..glee in the eyes..two hearts beating as one.. holding hands…grocery bags in the other hands.. or was it a messenger bag filled with bags…just a glimpse..they crossed the streets…dress and smart suit..a warm day in April…using the cross-walk …cars stopped.. a guy singing some country song on the radio.. something about holding hands…yours in mine on a fine summer something…

They crossed…looked at each other…smiled…a genuine smile..a smile that commands a stare..that shouts I am here..look at me you single person… a smile that says that they are lucky…would it last forever asks the serpent in the heart of the single man ?

They sat on the brick stairs…a brick lane.. just sitting there.. both of them…smiling..speaking a foreign language…

The bus came…she stood up…he kissed her forehead…she smiled…went up the 2 steps of the bus..swiped her card…sat on a seat behind the driver…waved goodbye and vanished from the scene with her grocery into somewhere…your guess is as good as mine.


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2 thoughts on “Lovers in Dangerous Times

  1. Ruqaiya Said says:

    I’ve been meaning to get to your blog for quite a while now, and no I don’t regret having (actually) assigned time on my schedule to do that.

    I like the air of mystery in this one…” your guess is as good as mine”- loved that!:)

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