The Agony of Older Women p.1

last night i was seduced by an older woman. A pianist at the Barking Frog, a classy jazz bar downtown.A circular bar made of mahogany, bottles in rainbow shades behind the blond bartender with too many buttons ‘missing’ from her shirt.

What would you like to have love?Rickards Red I said

a 16 oz beer stein and cold

taken from the cold fridge under the bar in a quick motion, such a grace in pouring red ale into a glass, with the minimum amount of head

Sipping the beer .. a few salted peanuts from a bowl..a white bowl with blue stripes.. next to a coaster with a mermaid. Is she a lady wearing a helmet, green-eyed .. Irish ..keeping an ocean of red hair tucked under the helmet.

A tune attracted my attention, a concerto ..sad melody, a bombarded city in Spain. Written during the Spanish Civil War.. a piece of music created through explosions , bullets, bodies..lifeless bodies .. an intimate piece of music.. passionate and heart breaking

A musical piece of destruction, loss.. accented by shrieks of violins and pan-flute..cries of death , tears, funerals..a landscape draped in black.

A procession , throngs of mourners walking the down street.. a casket… a weapon…cries..slogans and shouts, and suddenly the sky rains death, bullets meet flesh… life meets death, and eternal embrace, a dance to the tune of grim reaper.
Here I am staring into the space listening to notes, played on a battered Roland in a smoky bar in an alley. Pure sadness floating around me at that moment in time. A sadness that envelopes you in deep bleak thoughts of demise, depression and diseases. A shroud in noir.. a dakar noir.. an African noir; a black hole from a tune.
Lost in the music, the crowd shuffles in, cheers buddy.. a jungle of legs in mini skirts.. one is lost.. trying not to stare at the first legs of the summer.. barely released from under sweatpants, jeans, or any winter attire secretly covering them for their summer debut.
The piano stops, she stands up from the black stool.. old ..scratched…exposing the light wood beneath the black paint… and walks slowly to the bar. Court shoes.. matching the black skirt she is wearing.. stiff white shirt, could she be a business woman in the day.. and slowly metamorphose into a pianist at 9 pm?
Gin and tonic… G N T … classic..clear and simple, is she that simple?

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