#Notebook #57

The power of the name…or the power that one gets when choosing a name.. starts a new life.. a new beginning.. a new slate in this universe..a new chance.. a lucky dice roll… the lucky dice man…who gets a new life while we are stuck with an old fill …filled with pain..failures..disappointments and other events that made us who we are today.


2 thoughts on “#Notebook #57

  1. Maha says:

    I like reading your posts a lot. They have a dark but all the same artistic attraction to them.
    What does that “Notebook” mean?

    • observationofalostsoul says:

      Thanks Maha…

      This notebook is about a simple act of changing one’s name…the results of changing a few letters …makes you a new person..a newborn… gives you a chance to start a new life..and leave the old self that is filled with disappointments and hardships.

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