#Notebook #54

A lady in green…emerald green..grass green..the green grass of Ireland..fresh hills…with the morning dew… so soft and tender…that was the first time I met her…a chance..perhaps…or did destiny put her in my way so I can stumble upon her and realise what a miserable life I lead in the past?..

Red…fire..inferno of hair.. the perfect hue of red..the sunset red…that colour that takes you to am amazing sunset by an abandoned beach on an exotic island..an inviting sunset that asks you to admire…absorb..embrace..and feel each ray of sunlight setting on the horizon…

A tumbler of whiskey with five clear cubes of ice…a sort of liquid amber suspended between floating icebergs…her long red manicured fingers playing slowly with an ice cube..twirling in in the tumbler…and looked straight at me..a simple gold bangle …white gold with emeralds on her arm…Lara Philips … a name I would never forget… a name that shock my destiny..my future and life…a four lettered word that changed me…like love, hate, rain, moon, date, mate, and other variations of four lettered words



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