Sweet Sound of Death

He wanted to talk about growing old…sharing the last kiss..a first kiss in disguise..even if its on a hospital bed…a blank bed..a used to be white-clean-new-crisp-sheet…now grey..reeking with that old smell..the smell of stagnant time..

Nothing is the same again..life..people..even food …what happened in the name of progress and technology deprives us from our humanity he thought..life sucked at the end..he lost it all..his marbles..his art..his cheerful soul..for what ..a silent death…he wanted to leave in a bang..a carnival of carnal arts..a bachus festival..orgies of love..of culture..of art…but now ..to Hell with culture…

The shepherd coming from afar ..the silver flute beckoning those ready to cross.. a famous concerto..the first few bars are played..does death beckons us with a sweet melody played with a magic flute…he wondered silently basking in a sea of light…do they remember us…would our faces fade from life like over exposed photos..will we lose glare..sharpness..brightness…will the corners curl..would they get a fox effect..would she still visit me..remember those midnight calls…the youth..wasted on the most charming unattainable person..and here I am an old fart …thinking of that onyx hair…that devoured me 50 yrs ago…

The sound is louder..the piper is coming..the masses behind him…beckoning me to join the brethern of eternal souls


4 thoughts on “Sweet Sound of Death

  1. Ruqaiya says:

    Beautiful Ammar! Just beautiful! 🙂

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