The Bearded Woman – True Story

2:12 Bus stop

I was waiting for the bus…holding a winning 10 dollars lottery ticket..happy…smiling…the rain is pouring…tomorrow is pay day.. a slight smile.. looking at the fire station.. no fire trucks visible..weird… there is usually one there…a blonde school girl passes by.. green pea coat and a peach pashmina scarf.. she smiles.. i smile back..

the bus is late.. i didn’t care much… i was happy.. warm in my vintage wool blend coat.. suddenly something poked my shoulder.. my reverie was broken..shattered…crashed…

Looked around.. a figure in a camel coat.. knee length.. i didnt look at the face.. i saw a white beard . and neck stubble.. something like a fawn’s goattee… a myth… maybe a reality… white face.. brown eyes.. and facial hair.. and she said.. did the bus come yet.. I said no ma’am it did not.. i lowered my gaze.. she sat down on the bench in the bus shelter.. i was next to her..  i didn’t stare.. though a feeling in me was urging me to.. the nagging voice of curiosity..

The monster late bus showed up.. the door open.. she goes up…I am right behind her.. i see some riders staring at  her… maybe its a shock for them… for a moment …remember the Cypriots ladies i met in a village in Cyprus a few years ago.. they had facial hair.. some sign of beauty they told me.. a sign of fertility or something along those lines.

I sink into the seat,, warm .. gazing at the outside world through a misty glass..thinking of time passed.. and there up in front sits the bearded lady.. all by herself.. an outsider in the bus commune.. a soul isolated because of something she has no control over..


One thought on “The Bearded Woman – True Story

  1. Noor says:

    That’s sad. It is a real wonder how things you have no control over can mess up your life and make you an outcast.
    Good thing you didn’t stare. That would not have been nice.

    On a lighter note, you buy lottery tickets?

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