I saw your picture wearing a mask.. keeping your identity hidden from us.. are you fragile from the inside..are you scared..haunted with nightmares…do you see the reaper every night the field of death..looking for victims.. you get any mental anguish at you wake up scared..frightened..where I am..where is he..does he love me…why am I crying..did I lose him… I do love him.. I long to sleep on his shoulder ..weapon his arms around me..get lost in my dark hair..cover me I’m his love and whisper bits of words..fragments of syntax into my ear..let him be the music that my heart wakes to in the morning..

Am I are not..I love your curves..she pulled the ivory body under the love curves..women hate them..should I shut her up..with a kiss..a hug..a necklace of leaves, ivory, berries and twigs..I love every bit if you he whispered..come here…she closed het eyes n surrendered to a small death.

The dog is barking..she heard the ringtone..the salsa..the Spanish beat..the wine flowing in my veins..Maria alba’s dark night hair..gypsy hair..high heels on a cobblestone ..shouts of you say me till te end of love


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