Phone call 1

3 36 pm

1st phone call of the night… (standard greeting) + what can I do for you today.. customer wanted to check why his bill was high and why he can’t add some services.

Went through the bill.. he is an old dude who lives by himself.. so my poor eyes looked at the bill and found an outstanding bill if 344 dollars for pay per view porn movies … I had to go through 3 pages of colorful titles and explain to the person that he is ordering a massive quantity of nocturnal activity moving pictures and if be wants to add the service he must purchase the equipment or authorise the co. To deduct his bill from his credit card .. he refused.. thanked him for doing business with us, offered him a toll free number and wished him a good day…

At least I did not get the lesbian coming out of the closet mother daughter phone call that some dude got a ftw days ago Lool …

The joy of work


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