Lara – True

Lara- A True Story

The night of Feb 8th 2006.. a night I can’t forget.. no its not the night i lost my virginity.. that is another story lol…

It was between 10 pm and 1 am.. do I remember the exact time, I can’t for the life of me remember the time.. it was cold, snow all over town.. and me.. a bottle of wine … Canti Merlot Sangiovese 2005…some classical musical streaming from the laptop…i was in bed.. baby blue covers.. and reading Freud..

It was his introduction to psychoanalysis.. a series of lecture he did in the USA.. I forgot the name of the university..I lost the book…a distant memory…yellow paperback for 50 cents…

She stepped in the room… oh sorry I thought it was Mallory’s room.. my neighbor I said… a figure in blonde…green eyes from afar… they were moss green when I got to know her up close and personal…but that was later… why are u in bed.. I am not.. I am just in bed with Freud.. weird look from her… Can I sit.. sure.. sit on the bed .. on the floor..who cares.. just sit…

The olive wrap pea coat with the huge brown buttons and a sky blue trim.. on the bed.. she sat on it… a sunshine top and jeans… My name is Erin… No you are not Erin… you are Lara… Are you high she said.. No I am dead sober.. You are Lara.. you just stepped out of the Russian house.. and I am gazing at you from behind the frozen window running across the dining hall after your carriage… -_- was her reaction…

I am Californian she said.. and I simply said I am a flying Bedouin… she laughed .. is that like a flying Dutchman she said

She said I have to leave… will I see you later I said.. she said maybe and walked away.. I smiled…forgot the book and slept…

Woke up the next day … found a fb request from her… we became besties for the year… she left the OC… I still have her post card telling me her camera fell into the ocean.. of her playing bowling with Caitlin … of her seeing her ex bf who is a Mormon missionary in Latin America


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