HBBC: Is God Sexist?

Is god a sexist entity? Really is he/she/it a sexist (thing). In the beginning god created everything in 5 days and on the 6th day god decided to ‘create’ MAN.

Did not that omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient not know than a man would need a woman. Why extract a ‘rib’ from a man you called Adam .. not just that .. he said so they could dwell each others aka be fruitful and multiply..are you trying to say that women should just lay on their backs and be bloody factories for procreation.. really really…

Then the original sin.. sure who else to stick the crime to..woman..who better..they are weak..easily seduced..and feeble in the mind.. sure send a serpent/ Satan/ shaitan/ iblees whatever you want to call him and throw in the tree of knowledge… Yet the person who gave us knowledge (woman) should be punished…what is the suitable punishment … Let her bleed..give her the pains of childbirth..let her be dominated by her husband…

Calvin once said

Woman is more guilty than man, because she was seduced by Satan, and so diverted her husband from obedience to god that she was an instrument of death leading to all perdition. It is necessary that woman recognise this, and that she learn to what she is subjected; and not only against her husband. This is reason enough why today she is placed below and that she bears within her ignominy and shame.

Are you bloody serious .. yet they are okay that religion says we ate all bastards.. products of brothers and sisters mating so people can increase in numbers…

Then you have polygamy ..yes a man is superior to women..sure if she’s ill or can’t bare him children..marry another one.. 4 women for a dollar… And then marry your daughter to the first person who knocks on the door..she is a burden..a failed investment..better get rid of it with the least loss possible..who cares if she is 10 years old in Saudi Arabia, Yemen or Algeria… Just chuck her out ..let her be the servant of a man who’s as old as her grandfather …who cares..

Finally, f*** this mentality, this society and the ideology that gives man those ‘rights’.


4 thoughts on “HBBC: Is God Sexist?

  1. FAITH says:

    1. Says who that the sole purpose that God created the first Woman “Eve” for is to make kids? That’s a very shortsighted view
    2. Not really sure about your source of ‘the first sin’ or ‘the original sin’ as you referred to it but I believe that when it comes to sins, both men & women are equal in the punishment. Whoever believes in the opposite (be it scholars or whatnot) is a complete moron. And if anything, the so called first sin was made by the Satan when he refused to Prostrate. For the world’s information.
    3. Something so many people – for some reason – can’t seem to understand is that there’s a very clear condition for clear of polygamy is to be Just إلا تعدلوا، ولن تعدلوا so shut the fuss off dear filthy men. You ain’t no just when it comes to your own matters so you ruin other women’s lives lol

    Ok, now, on another note I think wearing the black hat and mocking how things are going with the world with frustration. Be the change and help make the change :). Trust me, all this post, filled with swearing and sense-less facts won’t change a 0.00000001% of the world.
    Life is too short, be positive and enjoy every sandwich 😀

  2. Soos Sahar says:

    I think I’m disappointed a bit that you would mention this “mentality” without making the clear distinction that it has NOTHING to do with religion..I am a girl…I will never forget that one of my prophet’s last words in “حجة الوداع” was to tell men to “take care/ be gentle” with women.. My religion and my God values me. I know this because I found it whenever I looked up things related to females in my religion.. the reason why women are having a hard time right now is cultural and I hate nothing more than seeing other men or women talk about freeing Arab, Muslim women as if our religion is fucking us up and then when it comes down to it, it turns out they just want/think women should walk around half naked because hijab, this piece of fabric, must be devilish constraining ..anyways I’m getting off the point, my point is.. No, God is not a sexist, People are.

    finally 😛 I agree with the reply above mine.^

  3. Knee says:

    This was one weird post…. 😀

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