I have something against allergies .. especially work place allergies.. No perfume, no scented products.. no peanuts.. no Cinnamon.. no bread.. yes NO BREAD because a co-worker has an airborne Gluten allergy..No fish products.. no This … no That… What kind of world are we living in…

I am worried if I go to work tomorrow and find an email saying a coworker is allergic to CHIPS or Crisps, or Chocolate or gum or E547 or B674 chemicals or Black Jelly beans… o no the red ones too…

Where is my freedom to ingest a crispy fish n chips or indulge my gastric sense with a chewy peanut butter sandwich with homemade raspberry jam..or a chicken Caesar panini… I demand my gastric freedom back… // END of RANT

Any ideas?? suggestions..


2 thoughts on “Observation:Allergies

  1. Noor says:

    Sure, take a lunch break and go indulge 😉

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