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Socialism…Utopia..fantasy..dream-like state of being..What exactly is it..all animals are equals but some are more equal than others…

How can we  all be equal when each one of us wants  to be unique..a star..famous..the best…special..awesome…better than the second person…second to none.

How can we be equals…copy of each others…pls tell me ??


2 thoughts on “Socialism : HBBC

  1. Noor says:

    Your point is what exactly? Down with socialism or capitalism? 😛

    Why is your view of equality states that it’s the same as being copies of each other? Equal is that you and I have the same rights, one of which is that you have a right to outshine me yet we’re still equal as humans. You’ll be a star yet both you and I have to pay our taxes and abide the law. That’s equality. That is to say I’ve never payed taxes, blame too many American movies. Do you see where I’m going? *fingers crossed my comment was as confusing as your post*

  2. observationofalostsoul says:

    Noor ok i really can;t answer any of your calls I shall transfer you to tech support 😛 no it is a cool comment bas i feel like writing another post later to elaborate that both systems are evil… capitalism and socialism are 2 faces for the same coin.. the coin of human suffrage

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