A room with a view

I live in a hotel.

Stating that obvious.. or not… one must start from the beginning.. My place got demolished, a place I lived in for the past 3 years.. the Landlord decided to just tear the place down, in the summer. I was in Egypt and Jordan… all my stuff gone… memories..novels…pics..

coats..bed-sheets… all scooped and damaged..all buried in the earth…my pots and pans..rusting under the ground… the last bits of shampoo seeped under the cracked white floor tiles.

He said he emailed me.. I did not get any email.. I need a place it is August.. no need to freak out I told my self… be as cool as a cucumber. Emails sent…made some phone calls.. found there is a hotel that is on a hill next to a cemetery .. 20 mins walk from campus.. 7 min drive from work… 3 mins to downtown..and close to a coffee place and a huge grocery store.

Packed my bags.. the flying Bedouin..left Amman in the middle of the night.. say some friends before I left..sent some goodbye emails.. can’y sleep on planes.. no one sat next to me on the plane..12hrs later I landed in Montreal..called my family who are in Montreal.. saw them for 2 hrs.. flew to St, John’s

Got a cab.. an orange one with yellow and black stripes.. reached the address.. a purple building.. 3 stories… 6 rooms.. a kitchen, 3 bathrooms..and a common room.. i got the room on the 3rd floor.. I live under the roof…hardwood floor..a dark brown dresser with a mirror.. a white desk with some floral patterns- a white flower with a pink one, and a bit of green stem- on each drawer where the handle is..a black lamp with a green round dial …my fav mug of tea with Paris Cafe 25 Rue de Saulsborg …  a bottle of Centrum vitamins.. a Chanel Blu a gift from grandma, and a musk after shave – mainly for work- as I can’t wear heavy scents to work some co-workers allergies… a box of Oreos … my glasses..a tea box – Tetley- blue with Alice’s Rabbit limited edition picked from a charity store for 50 cents.

The bed is behind me… blue green cover, bed sheets and pillows.. yes i like aqua and turquoise in a room. they relax me. some clothes theown on the bed.. a red hoodie..a pair of dark jeans with brown faded knees.. and my backpack.. along with 3 paperbacks – The Prime Suspect, The Analyst and The Spy Wore Red- about an American lady who was a spy in Spain during WWII a true story.

On my night stand there are 11 books .. a Ghada Samman novel, Donnie Brasco, Book 2 of the Raj Quartet, Four English Commedies, Romeo and Juliet, The plays of Oscar Wilde, The Sound and the Fury- Faulkner, Atonement- McEwan, Trunk Music- Michael Connelly, The Fountainhead- Ayn Rand, Lucky Jim- Kingsley Amis, and 3 old psych books – The healing journey; using psychedelics to explore the consciousness, and Mary Barnes- two accounts of a journey through madness, The Passions of the Mind – a biographical fiction of Sigmund Freud

On the dresser i have my razor, and my shaving kit, soap, 2 postcards from Paris and Morocco, and a birthday card from a close friend…another stack of books… the 3 other books of the Raj Quartet by Paul Scott, and his book Staying On, the autobiograohy of Mohammad Ali, Network; the movie its novel, The city of Joy by Dominique Lapierre about Calcutta, Empire of the sun by JG Ballard, The Agony and Ecstatsy – the life of Michelangelo, The Magus by John Fowles, the little drummer girl – le carre, The feminine mystique- betty friedman , The prince of tides – Pat Conroy and The Female Eunuch by Germaine Greer

I know a lot of books and those aee just bought in the last 2 months along text books loool.

When I wake up in the morning.. i walk 4 steps and reach the window.. it over looks the harbor. It is a busy one.. the water is dark at 6 30 am, i can barely see anything in front of me.. shakes the cobwebs of sleep.. hear some ship’s whistle in the distance.. could be the passenger’s ferry from the island… Some sailors shouting.. seagulls filling the sky.. I am so scared someday one would poop on me .. like i run when they are above me lool because once a few years ago they pooped on my boots :S most ships are coloured.. navy seams like a favourite colour among ships, and so is red.

There is a heater under the window.. and 3 boots, next to the heater.. there is a hanging closet.. my jackets and pants are there.. and on 2 rows above it I have my winter clothes folded for daily use…


2 thoughts on “A room with a view

  1. Noor says:

    LOOOOL at the fear of bird’s call of nature falling on you. That bit was really funny. Rational of course 😛

    You live in a purple building. Now that is cool.

    What did u put in the Tetley box? Tea or cherished items?

    Yay to a long detailed post!

    • observationofalostsoul says:

      Yes I live in a purple building..under the roof …

      The box is empty…nothing in it yet…maybe will put letters and what not..

      Yes im trying on writing 750 words posts from now one even in the Arabic one

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