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Hijab: veil: cover: curtain: barrier: a wall??

Did it transcend from the religious sphere and seeped into the post 1967 society as a cultural identity?

I remember watching a documentary showing the late Tunisian leader Bourgaiba removing the hijabs of Tunisian women at the presidential palace, thus making way for a secular society.

Okay I always write in the form of a stream of consciousness.. whatever i think of is in my mind is written on the paper.. thoughts.. ideas.. etc so one must bare with this.. bad way to write essays .. blame the fiction.

Hijabis= good , non-hjabis= bad.. that is what some ppl think.. that is wrong. one cant judge ppl on what they wear or not wear. Some wear it for the sake of religion,, and some wear it for the sake of the patriarchal society ( no girls in this family will be ‘uncovered’). That is just BS like are you telling me that you are so protective of your daughter/sister so you just wanna let her wear the hijab becaue it sounds right for you.. while you – the father/brother/fiance/husband- could be one jerk, who knows nothing about religion and just wanna use that bloody non-divine right over the female so she can wear it.

In contrast their are girls I see everyday in uni. who are forced to wear the “scarf” but hate it and hate following religion

That is what @JoActivist tweeted me when I asked what do you think of women who remove their hijab. The point is those who wear it by force should remove it, they have less respect for it and some loathe it… why wear it to please a male in your family .. why please a society that is far from being a religious one.

It pertains to religion in the fact that it is the way you show your religious qualities in day to day life  but it is a part of your identity in the fact that the hijab should become a part of your self something you become one with

The above-mentioned tweep continued.. I assume talking about those who chose to wear it because they are convinced.

Confused to start with and wore it on an unhealthy basis to start with. I shy away from their judgemtn .. not meeee! I’m talking about gals who take it off. I’m not a hijabi :). I actually encouraged my friend to take it off Because she was wearing it to Uni (to please her husband’s relatives) and never outside. I told her it made her double-standard.

Another tweep @Halawa told me when asked what do people think of a female who removed her hijab.

Girls who wear it because they want to and convinced by it then good for them.. but those who wear it for others, for society, for a male then drop this act and live your life.

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10 thoughts on “HBBC : Hijab Removed

  1. Noor says:

    Wearing hijab is a big step, so THINK before you wear it and take it off. (You in the general sense of the word :P) I hate hearing about stories of girls taking off their hijab when no one forced them to wear it in the first place. Why?!
    More of my frustrations on the topic if I post on the matter. Your take is quite of a liberal point of view. But then again to each his own, whatever works for the ayone. Your life, your religion, your faith and kol wa7ed w rabba.

    • observationofalostsoul says:

      Thanks for the comment Noor.
      I think sometimes the idea is attractive for them.. something new.. a novel experience.. they think they can succeed.. but maybe then they realise that the decision was not the right one for them.. some may need to ‘strengthen’ their self to take such a step.
      I’d love to read your take on the subject.

  2. deppy says:

    Most of girls I’ve known who take it off were not forced (I guess it’s no brainer; if she’s forced to wear it she will be forced to keep it on).

    I’m not sure if it’s as common in other countries as it’s nowadays in Egypt, it’s like a trend or something.

  3. observationofalostsoul says:

    “I’m not sure if it’s as common in other countries as it’s nowadays in Egypt, it’s like a trend or something.” Do you mean wearing the hijab or removing it?

  4. observationofalostsoul says:

    Do they say why they did that?

  5. observationofalostsoul says:

    I am waiting publish it

  6. Don't Fret says:

    The biggest thing is way too much pressure from everyone. In a sense, people are either over thinking it or taking the matter too lightly. But – fact 1 – Hijab is required for all females who reach puberty and – fact 2 – The Prophet told us to do what is easier for us among halal choices. I just don’t get why people waver – their reasoning never made sense, although that doesn’t mean I’m insensitive. It’s such a simple thing, and it worries me when long time muhajibah’s started to take them off. I don’t worry for their personal decisions, but whether or not I’ll be compelled to do the same. Everyone, make it easier everyone else. Join the bandwagon of donning hijabs! If it becomes the norm, no one will question it. And once you’ve gotten it on, don’t ever look back ❤

    • observationofalostsoul says:

      Thanks for your comment @Don’t Fret. I still think it is a matter of choice and as long as it is the choice of the female and shes aware of the consequences of the choice then she must be responsible enough.. i dont see 14 or 12 year old girls mature enough to take this decision.. puberty can hit any time and its not an right to tie one to the other. I rather that a decision regarding hijab be taken around 18 years of age when one is considered an adult and responsible for their actions.

      Yes removing it maybe a trend yet ppl celebrate when a female becomes a hijabi and stone one when one decides to remove it.. I have seen this recently when an Egyptian girl on Instagram decided to remove the hijab yet she still wears modest clothes and still is the same person .. yet her so called followers are just spamming her pictures with

      ” OMG you don’t wear hijab anymore? Ok. Erm. Wow sorry, i have lost a tad bit of respect for you. Got to unfollow you. May Allah give you Hidayeh”

      That’s how many are reacting .. that’s not fair. Like the girl said its the hardest thing she ever did and would like people to respect her decision and that’s what she gets in return from her so-called ‘sisters’ and ‘brothers’

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