The “Non-Virgin” Question?

I was asked by a friend on a sunny July afternoon if someday I decided to marry.. would I marry a female who lost her virginity due to rape, some accident or consensual sex. I said yes, but it would be nice if that person was honest with me from the beginning and told me what happened to her.

This view is definitely shared among the male specimen of this species, some guys would never get serious as in thinking of engagement or marriage with a  girl who lost her virginity for one reason or another. He may end up marrying in some traditional way, a girl he barely knows, yet at the same time he would have had some sexual experiences with some girls who he felt they were for fun.. just girlfriends nothing serious, get her drunk, or invite her over for a movie and that movie will be memorable.
Usually when guys take liberties with any female its the female’s fault.. she was dressed seductively, or she wanted it, or asked for it.. etc etc then when the girl is raped its her fault not the guy. Bloody mentality would castrating those guys do a difference or some mental lobotomy  would help them adjuct to the reality of the world and for them to realise what they are doing.

Is the ‘Non-Virgin” question harder than the Jewish Question from the late 19th century??

Would you marry or get into a serious relationship with a “non-virgin” ?

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8 thoughts on “The “Non-Virgin” Question?

  1. Noor says:

    This mentality that a guy can have fun but wouldn’t marry of the girls he dated, instead he’d go for a more traditional way, is just downright wrong. And sad that it’s socially acceptable. So many double standards when it comes to society’s way of dealing with men and women.

    • observationofalostsoul says:

      Agree with you Noor.. what as you said it’s been this way for a long time and its sad and it must change.. one can’t say men can do whatever they want while women can’t. Patriarchal societies

  2. D says:

    Why is it always about a girl’s virginity people are so interested it? Shouldn’t your question be the other way around? How do you think it makes me feel as a female that of all the “men” I got to know in my life I think one or two were virgins? Men can help it, yeah I get that but it’s insane. And we are to be blamed and pointed it for the status between our legs. Just because it shows on us and doesn’t on men doesn’t mean that men can hump around and we have to accept that.

    • observationofalostsoul says:


      I was just talking from a male point of view.. yes what guys do is not right that is true. No one is saying you must accept that guys can act as ‘man-whores’ while expecting girls to be ‘nuns’ .. double standards

  3. vmlondon says:

    As a British woman, it’s no surprise that my nationality is linked with the idea of promiscuity – it is part of the ‘culture’. However, away from stereotypes, my opinion is that while the ‘no-sex-before-marriage’ rule is inspiring, I think it is largely unrealistic. It’s important to seek out potential partners.

    Of course, a marriage is about far more than just sex. However, there are certain sexual acts that a man may not perform (likewise the woman) that may be important to the other. And how can a woman ever hope to choose a man that can satisfy her if she isn’t able to test it out?

    Sexual behaviour (of lack of them you could say) are often an indication of deeper personality traits.

    • observationofalostsoul says:

      Thanks for your comment Victoria.

      I think you mean it is okay for a ‘test-drive’ crudely speaking.. It is an interesting thought … would you mind explaining more about the deeper personality traits?

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