Childhood Snaps

Yes I was once a baby who loved being the centre of attention.


Here are a few of my childhood snaps

Me a few months old - Amman 1987


Just a collection of another snaps of me in bed

 Yes I was hyper, can’t stay in one place.

Me and Jiddo Mahmood 😀

 Me and Jiddo .. I miss you ❤

My 1st Beer


The beer saga continues




Those glasses ... omg amazing



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7 thoughts on “Childhood Snaps

  1. D says:

    Awww… Lk d5elo el 7lo 😉 god you haven’t changed one bit!

    • observationofalostsoul says:

      LOOL thanks D … I am flattered

      • D says:

        But your fist drink was beer… Too bad I beat you on that one. My first drink was cognac at the tender age of two -or maybe a bit younger I’m not sure 😀

  2. observationofalostsoul says:

    LOL 5arbaneh loool yes cool family shoo bi3arifni

  3. D says:

    Hehe, aked mo adk ya zki 😛

  4. D says:

    H3h3, t7shesh! :-p

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