Pottermore… an enigma

In 1 day and 50 mins the author of Harry Potter series J.K. Rowling will announce something major. Some say it is a new book, an 8th Harry Potter book.

The owls are gathering, the excitement is rising … There’s only a day to go until JK Rowling unveils just what it is that’s behind Pottermore – her new Harry Potter venture.

All will be revealed here tomorrow, and on Rowling’s new website, Pottermore.com but, in the meantime, what do YOU think the author will announce?

Pottermore web site

Youtube announcemet



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4 thoughts on “Pottermore… an enigma

  1. MaryamB says:

    It’s so near, I can’t wait. As the majority, I’m hoping for an encyclopaedia but I read somewhere that Rowling made it clear that it is not a book so I’ll have to say an online platform for fans, with news and inside stories from Rowling etc. Other than that, we’ll just have to wait.

  2. observationofalostsoul says:

    I think it is a graphic novel as Twilight ventured into graphic novels? would you think that is possible.

    Thanks for the comment and good luck on your book club

  3. Noor says:

    Harry Potter and Twilight shouldn’t not be mentioned together. 😛 I am hoping for an encyclopedia too, I think we, dedicated fans, deserve it.
    If it’s a graphic novel or an online game, I’d definitely be disappointed.

    • observationofalostsoul says:

      Looks like it is not an encyclopedia dear.. its a forum and a digital reading experience. Follow the owls

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