Screw This Thing

Just an hour ago my brother was stopped by policemen near Mecca St, They took his license and the car’s license. He wasn’t drimking, or speeding.

The police man said ما انتو المواطنين …. انت عارفيين عن مين بحكي .

What the hell does he mean by what he said. Does he mean because we r from the same family as the police director, so the policemen do not to show favoritism thus applying non existing laws on us.

My dad and brothers get stopped by policemen every single night, since our cousin became the director. And it SUCKS to be honest.

Being a Majali thing is one hell of a problem… screw this bloody situation, one’s surname has nothing to do with one’s character. If u want to apply the law then apply it on everyone,

Why did this policeman change his tone, after reading the family name. :@ ليش ناكل مخالفة عشان اسم العيلة


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