Freedom of Choice


We have no freedom of choice, you are either a liberal or a conservative, religious or atheist, educated or illiterate, pro-regime or against it. Either you love a concept – country, a brand, a flavor, a show- or you hate it. You are either in a relationship or single, you are either gay or straight.

Yet when you go to a candy store you find 36 flavors of jelly beans, five variations of Mars bars, three different Aeoro – plain, with mint, or dark chocolate.

Is that the freedom of choice we look for? in candy, chocolate and Campbell soup???

Can’t one experience with everything , contradict him/herself, taste a bit of everything without being judged and then decide what one’s philosophy of life is.


3 thoughts on “Freedom of Choice

  1. nobody says:

    Choose not to choose.

  2. Noor says:

    Exactly!! Exactly!
    I always have a hard time choosing a favourite movie/book/song/singer instead I’d be stuck or I’d list a lot, more than need explaining why and how – to make my choices clear.
    Then, you have to have a favourite ice cream flavor, favourite perfume/brand/color etc. to a point where you feel like this choice says so much about you. That’s why I don’t have favs, I feel like they’d limit who I am and I’d start defining myself according to them.

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