Afghani Pomegranate

If any Canadian passes by the fruits and vegetables section in any store like Lowblaw, Sobey’s, Dominion, A&P… they would find Pomegranate. Ruby colored and in various sizes, I bought 2 pomegranates and ate them a while ago, and they were really good.

I forgot all about them till yesterday when Ambassador Crowley the head of the Canadian Mission in Afghanistan visited my university and gave a short lecture about how Canada is helping Afghanistan’s economy.

He mentioned that there is a lot of illiteracy among adults, esp that somehow they end up being the policemen in Kandahar, Kabul and various other cities. He said that sometimes they are taught through pictorial manuals how to communicate with people, how to perform basic police work, but this is not enough.

He also said that the country needs technological improvements.. that governmental offices lack computers, internet access and sometimes educated people.

He said that the infrastructure is really terrible in some areas, but they are working on it slowly.

Then he said that the Canadian government is encouraging Afghans to grow pomegranate instead of poppy and the Canadians would buy it and market it in Canada and maybe in North America. I found this initiative to be empowering to Afghans, though it doesn’t bring as much money as growing poppies for opium, but at least it’s a legal occupation.


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