War… Listen To Me


War…. What is it good for???


Absolutely NOTHING


6 thoughts on “War… Listen To Me

  1. Rain says:

    You can’t just say it is good for nothing just because you don’t have a cause to fight for!
    Believe it or not but people around the world are being robbed of their simplest rights,and they wanna fight for them,and no one has the right to deny them that,and no one has the right to say their revolution against oppression is immoral or good for nothing!
    It is easy for us of course to say that because we have never experienced the horrific circumstances they live in,and because we cannot imagine giving our lives up for anything(msh enny 3m a2ool 3annak haik ana 3m a7ky 3n 7ali)
    War is a part of who we are as humans,whether it was for oil or even for your right to eat..it is a part of our nature
    War had much to do with the good in the world right now,it was the reason behind the appearance and disappearance of forces through out history..and that is just how life goes on…
    And believe it or not..humans aren’t these mushy lovable creatures you think they are..they are only the dominant species…the smarter animals..well at least some of them are animals!,and guess what,that ain’t gonna change anytime soon..stronger people will beat the weaker ones,people will get killed,and war will always be there,as long as humans are there
    and saying it is good for nothing isn’t really changing anything.

  2. observationofalostsoul says:


    There is a difference between War and Revolution or a Revolt.

    I believe war achieves nothing; just more chaos and destruction while what u say i’d think is more applicable for the concept of an uprising or a revolution and i support that.

  3. Rain says:

    They’re not that different if you think about it?what is war?it is a struggle between 2,msh mohem iza fi 6rf ad3af..iza fi 6araf mad3oos 3a raso,it is a struggle,revolutions falls under the category of war for me
    Also seebak min el revolution I still think war-righteous was it or not- is part of our nature

  4. observationofalostsoul says:

    What happened in Tunisia is not a war… its an uprising and people revolution. War will always happen. Evil is in us.. it what turns a nurse to a killer or a prison guard to a torturer.

    Kolshi biseer bi hal dinya Sara.

  5. Rain says:

    War isn’t evil,you can’t just categorize everything into evil and good!0_O

    w anyway aslan I wasn’t talking about the Tunisia thing…aslan ho lisa sar ishy?you just wait.

  6. observationofalostsoul says:

    What do u want to happen… isqa6 7okoomeh o tejeena 7okoomeh at3as 🙂 willa y7ilo il majlis – the dream of 3amina ili fo2- bas bido naksheh….lazim il nas yjam3o shoo bidhom n then act 🙂

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