Christmas and Muslims


Today I logged into Twitter, and a discussion between a couple of tweeps about is it religiously acceptable for Muslims to celebrate Christmas with their fellow Christians.  Some said it’s shirk and 7aram and celebrating Christmas means that one is accepting trinity; the father, the son and the holy spirit; that one would accept that Jesus is the son of God thus Muslims would say that this is blasphemous.

While the others said that celebrating Christmas does not mean that one is “converted”; the same applies when Christians in the Levant fast in Ramadan, does this mean they are Muslims?? Nope they are still Christians who respect their Muslim friends and neighbors. Though sometimes Christians are forced to fast, because they get fined if caught eating in public – which I find is absurd-.

I personally celebrate Christmas, I would join in a Christmas eve dinner, exchange gifts, even go to a midnight mass sans taking communion. Yet at the same time, I’d still go to the mosque and pray. When going and sharing a meal with a christian family, religion conversion is not why I go there. I go there because they are friends, human beings, people who I share my life with. I was never asked to be a Christian or read the bible for a religious reason.

While growing up, one of our family’s best friend are a Jordanian Christian couple who couldn’t have children. They treated us as their own nieces and nephews. There was always a gift for each one of us under the Christmas tree, a place on the table, and this tradition extended to weddings, engagements and any family affairs. The same applied to my family, they are invited to everything we do.

This interactions is not driven by religion; this is driven because people have been living together for thousands of years, sharing the same land and the same causes. When one goes to a funeral in a church, one is not thinking of converting his/her religion, one does that because it’s a social obligation.

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16 thoughts on “Christmas and Muslims

  1. hamdanism says:

    I agree with you on this ! It’s perfectly fine, and it’s a good thing actually. This promotes co-existence.

  2. observationofalostsoul says:

    Thanks 7amdan. Yep it promotes co-existence and people have been doing this for a very long time.

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  4. Rain says:

    I don’t think it’s wrong to celebrate Christmas with them,I think it’s nice and fun.
    The other day I was saying I wanted a Santa hat because it looked so cute and my friend was like “sho ra2iek a3teeky saleeb kman?” which was really stupid,because assuming that I’m converting because I find Santa’s hat cute is very funny actually 0_O
    Anyway,one thing I do have a problem with is the Muslims who celebrate Christmas and new year because it’s know “fia3a” w zay el nas el yai 0_O now that I can’t stand..
    bs anyway I totally agree with you,and oh! I hate the people who say it’s even haram enna n3aied 3laihom 0_O

  5. observationofalostsoul says:


    Yes I agree… just being cheerful o feeling ino ppl love each other and care and exchange gifts … its like any eid Muslims have. Yes I heard the “conversion theory” which I find absurd bc lakom deenakom wa liya deeni. And in the Levant and Egypt celebrating Christmas with Christians transcends religion and is now blended into culture and society.

  6. kinziblogs says:

    My goodness, this post makes me want to reach out and give you an auntie-cyber-hug.

    THANK YOU! As a Christian, I love to share my joy during our celebrations, and I love to have Muslims share theirs with mine.

    It has nothing to do with conversion. It is about honoring and loving and sharing, and that is what weaves the fabric of social cohesion tightly.

    I know converts from both sides of the fence. It was never someone ‘converting’ another, each was a decision made personally after study.

  7. observationofalostsoul says:


    Awww Thanks auntie 🙂

    Exactly it has nothing whatsoever with conversion.

    It bothers me that those comments are said by Arabs/ Muslims who though living in the west are originally from Arab countries with very low Christian population like in North Africa or the Gulf States so they never interacted with Arab Christians who are different that Christians in the West or Europe – that’s what I think-.

    • kinziblogs says:

      Most welcome, OLS. 🙂
      Exactly back at you. Knowing Arab Christians has re-framed my view of Christianity, from within it’s originally context, rather than a Roman one.

      One of the unintended consequences from our tenure in Jordan has become being a reflection of Arabian Christianity to Western Christians, and it has been a very fun, sometimes tense, but very enlightening cross-cultural discourse for both sides. I have found Western Christians VERY receptive, and finding the discoveries of this culture has enhanced their faith and understanding.

  8. observationofalostsoul says:


    I couldn’t get what u meant in the last paragraph… 🙂 I think Arab Christianity is spontaneous, more organic, more attached to the land and area.

  9. Jafar says:

    Hi friend,
    Now to say it’s haram or halal, it’s not my job or yours, simply because:
    أسرعكم إلى الفتوى أسرعكم إلى النار
    I remember I heared a Fatwa from a trusted Sheikh since I was a child in a Friday prayer, he said:
    يجوز للمسلم أن يهنئ المسيحيين بأعيادهم، و لكن ما لا يجوز هو أن نشاركهم احتفالهم بهذه الأعياد لأن مشاركتهم الاحتفال و الفرحة هو إقرار منا بصحة منهجهم

    and I really accept this Fatwa

  10. observationofalostsoul says:


    the halal or haram was not my opinion; i just showed that there are two opinions.

    You can agree with the fatwa you presented; but at the same time it’s a double standard fatwa which can be interpreted as Christians can fast in an islamic country because Islam is the one true religion, but Muslims can not attend a simple xmas dinner bc christianity is not a one true religion.

    Muslims job is not to hidayit non-Muslims to Islam, nor is it my christian friend to convince me that Christianity is the only path to salvation. What about لا اكراه في الدين و لكم دينكم و لي ديني

  11. Noor says:

    Awesome you addressed this. Not many people get this actually. We used to have fun attending Christmas celebrations in Jordan. I miss it!
    It’s really about sharing their joy, it doesn’t mean you’re converting or anything. That’s what I think.

  12. observationofalostsoul says:


    Thanks for your comment, exactly it’s about sharing a celebration, sharing their joy and at the end we are all living and sharing the same land, so religion or any other label shouldn’t limit the way we interact among each others.

  13. Jafar says:

    Away from the fatwa issue, but I think that a dinner is OK, but the important thing is there is no reason for me as a Muslim to be happy, why should I celebrate?

  14. observationofalostsoul says:


    I am not asking for Muslims to have Christmas trees, or go to mass, just share the joys of the others. Christians and Muslims have been living for thousands of years together, even marrying between each others.

    Islam is a tolerant religion and would be happy for their neighbors when celebrating and would feel sad when they are experiencing a difficult time.
    When celebrating you are celebrating with a fellow human being, a person who shares this Earth as much as you do and who is equal in all rights and responsibilities.

  15. Jafar says:

    so we’re on the same side 🙂

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