Cannons and Condoms


The cannon was crammed with old condoms. Hundreds of prophylactics! A display of arrested reproduction. Like dogs urinating around the borders of their territory, the boys of the Steering School had left their messes in the mouth of the mammoth cannon guarding the Steering River. The modern world had left its stain upon another historical landmark.

The World According to Garp – p.71

2 thoughts on “Cannons and Condoms

  1. NasEr says:

    No way! do you know how much I love this book? I blogged about it long ago, one of my all time favs, hilarious yet so sad at times! it’s a brilliant read. I was disappointed with the film though (as expected).

  2. observationofalostsoul says:

    Thanks Naser it’s becoming one of my fav books. So far im loving it and as you said it’s happy and sometimes really sad. I didn’t watch the movie, and i will read your post after finishing the book. Thanks for the comment.

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