Even More Scandalous

He walks slowly toward me. I am a bit  nervous to be honest… but I am excited, happy and ecstatic.  My heart is beating…. I cant leave I am enjoying the moment.

Here I am ready for my first experience with a stranger. Expecting … maybe some fun, a change of “scenery” you know sometimes ones get bored from what one is used to. A thrill; an adventure that leads you into some special forest of sin.

John is ready by the look of him, he is coming closer and embracing me .. I could smell his peppermint after shave, my body is relaxed… his body is a bit sweaty from all the excitement of his visual voyeur. He carries me to the bed… i hope he won’t tie me to the posts or do some kinky stuff more than this school girl fantasy.

His lips attack me… full and red all over my lips, tongue, and face. it feels soft, maybe because he just shaved. I try and bite into his neck… just a tiny bite that would make him go crazy.. maybe a moan would escape his lips. His body scent is a mixture of sweat, sweetness and some intoxicating fragrance.

He throws me on bed… the warmth of the bed sheet … i wish they were on the floor. He is kissing me, nibbling on my ears, and sometimes stroking my hair.  his fingers passing through the ebony forest … how men love to play with hair… and how some girls hate it.

He’s slowly going down on me… slowly migrating south the neck area into the valley of life …. his hands cupping and massaging… a emotions are increasing in me… a built up of excitement can be felt… gradually increasing with every touch, kiss and stroke.

And then it happens… he’s inside of me… waves and waves of ecstasy smashing against the shore… a fire is beginning to explode in my groin. My hands clutching the bed sheets panting for air ….

It wasn’t a bad 1st experience with a stranger… but i’d want my cigarette now … at least he is sleeping.. o what does it do to men … they all sleep … as if they did an extreme workout and all they do is thrust and pant.


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