Scandalous II

The door closed behind me, the golden door knob shut one part of my old life, and opened the door for a new thrilling one. John is still in the bathroom, i can hear him splashing some water; maybe he is shaving and trimming. I close my eyes, try to think of a better place, a more familiar place.

I have to close my eyes… do I really want to see this man, he could be 60, short and bald. But I am here, taking my chances. The room is really tidy, fresh flowers in a vase, a bottle of chilled champagne in an ice box. I glance a box of chocolate from a famous choclataire, brings back old memories when me and mom went there to buy chocolate for Holidays… the good old days, my only treat in the whole year.

The bathroom door slowly opens and a forty-ish man clad in a light blue bath towel. He was bald, brown eyed, olive skinned, he has a nice smile, infectious would be the best word to describe it. ” Take off your uniform, darlin’ and when you’re done stand against the wall.” He orders, does not sound I could negotiate with him.

Slowly I unbutton my shirt, exposing my pink cotton bra, and slowly stripped of the plaid skirt. It takes me few seconds to handle the garter belt … I’m glad its not an in fashion trend, I’d hate it. Shoes on the floor, just me in the basic pink set I got from VS last holiday.  His eyes are following each and every step I take. I feel like a prey, a gazelle and he is the hawk. “And the rest” he says… I am reluctant, I have never been in nude in front of a stranger. I close  my eyes, unclasp the bra, and quickly cover my breast with my left hand.

I’m feeling the heat of the room, beads of sweat forming on my forehead, nose, and on my neck. I lower my right hand to my hips and struggle with the pink thong, and as it slides with difficulty down my thighs I automatically get my legs closer to each other, and breathe normally.

He looks, gazes, stares at my pale flesh… Does he think im too curvy, do I have wide hips, what is he looking at .. O God i am UGLY. Please do something, and get it done with

After 15 minutes of complete and utter silence, 15 minutes of visually inspecting me he says “Woow, you are beautifull Lara” and slowly approaches me.


6 thoughts on “Scandalous II

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  2. MaryAm_fa says:

    love it…and waiting for part III ^^

  3. w7l says:


    waiting …..

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