The Ride 4

Nour enters her room looks at her green bed sheets and matching curtains, the off white colored walls, the dirty frames of used to be there posters of youth bands…. those were the days, when she was care-free and having a great teen years.

Oh what a messy room it was a few nights ago, I hated it. Her eyes dart to the silver laptop trapped between the Quran and her used copy of Pride and Prejudice. She took her time gazing and memorizing each and every piece in the room. The bowl of dried roses on top of the shelf, the picture with Mariam her best friend taken few years ago by a lake, her glasses.

The laptop… that silly thing that is the center of her free time… damn the silly boy, I’d so like to smother him, he gets on my nerves… damn his stupid mouth. I wish he thought for 10 seconds before saying something… I wish you all could hear what he says… I bloody hate him.

1 new email in her personal e-mail. Silly boy once again she thought. She drags the cursor and opens the letter.

My Lady

How are you today? I hope you enjoyed your train ride. I am fine, bit bored. You consumed my thoughts, quenched the thirst in my desert, the thought of you took me to the wild adventures in an African safari or a dangerous venture in the unknown.

I did miss you, I always do and always will. Did you even think of me? I hope you did. Even if you didn’t I would still wait every night for that little box that has your name to appear on the corner of my pathetic screen- I’m sorry I know how much you hate my bloody keyboard-.

Life is good or so I hope to think, but my life wouldn’t be complete without you, but I know it never could be complete when thousands of miles separate and when one is confused, lost, broken, ventured into unnecessary battles with someone who didn’t appreciate what they got. I hate her…. why the hell am I even thinking of her when I should be all yours =)

You are lost too, this year is easier than last year Thanks God, but still your plate is pretty full and I can’t allow myself to add more confusion to the mix. You know that you are hard on yourself dear, take it easy, you are smart, hard working, charming, a bit jealous, grumpy, moody, tried to push me away, though I was a jerk, I was cold, distant, I wanted you to hurt me, to kill me, to destroy me, to give me that reason to say goodbye.

I will always care for you, treat you as you’re the closest to my silly, crazy soul, my lost soul, ohh how much I hate that I like you, I can never let you go so please stay and do not close that door in my face, even if you do close it, i’ll be knocking on it for the next 200 years hoping for Nour to open and let me in.

Forever in my heart

Your Fav Silly Boy

Nour read those words, she sighed a long sigh… Thanks God he understood that I can’t be with him, though we both had a crush on each others… I really hate how much I like him too… Damn him.

At that moment the mosque announced the maghrib prayer and Nour went to get ready….


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