Amman… Part 2

Many Ammanies lack loyalty in a macro way , their motto in life is ‘The old king is dead… Long live the new king’. They are more loyal to the tribe, the immediate family than their loyalty to a nation or an ideology. For example if X has a factory and advertised his need for a CEO or a General Manager, two applicants are screened Y is a Harvard graduate with 10+ years of experience who is not related to X. Z is X’s brother; a high school drop out ‘ bi3rash Allah wain 7a6o’. Logically X must choose Y, but he chooses Z why??? Because a Jordanian can’t say NO to his brother even at the expense of a financial loss, and no ‘outsider’ can control or get access to the family’s ‘assets’. PURE BS but unfortunately true.

Ammanies constantly say ‘only if I could be in power for a day or week and i’ll fix everything’. The second his sweaty ass touches ‘the chair’ all visions of ‘change, modernization, better future for our children’ jumps out the window, and stealing what’s left of ‘resources’ starts at the speed of light. There are decent officials or ones who stole less than others, but they are invisible in the forest of greed. It’s sad that couple of mansafs are capable of buying one’s dignity.

My grandpa was the 1st person to purchase a Mercedes Benz, or he was offered Jabal Amman for 5 jds in 1920′. I’ve heard those two statements on numerous occasions from totally different Ammanies; from various walks of life. I guess the only way to settle this dilemma is to check the land registration department and the licensing directorate, because it’s impossible that Jabal Amman or Weibdeh was ‘showed’ to ‘kol shyoo5 o ahil il urdon’.

Once an old lady of 75 years old told me her theory about the Jordanian Mentality and embezzlement. She said ” I think its related to the Bedouin way of life; where the concept of private property doesn’t exist. The land is all yours and you have a duty toward your tribe and cattle to find an area with water and grass for the cattle, and your duty is to attack/fight other tribes and loot their properties while defending yours.” This theory could be true, the lack of a sense of private property is a major problem in one’s psyche. ‘ ili ma beeji shab3an min bait ahlo…. massari il dinya ma bitshab30’.

– To be continued-

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5 thoughts on “Amman… Part 2

  1. 5hadz says:

    Jordan’s mentality of “My grandfather kan ra2ees …. so you can’t touch me” won’t be changing any time soon. 70% of the reason our country is at a stand still is because we offer more privileges to our incompetent tribe members than to our competent educators. Your last name, your father’s name, his place in power or government will always be what we are defined by, a nation in the 21st century with a mind set of a Bedouin prince.

    • observationofalostsoul says:

      That’s true Shadi, but if our generation doesnt stop those norms and costumes then no one will. To be honest, there is nothing left to be stolen or embezzled in the country, the only thing left is to ‘milk’ the citizens out of every girsh they own which is currently happening.

  2. Shadz says:

    Dude, our generation are the biggest benefactors of this way of life! It’s like how religion and the idea of God is indoctrinated into generations because of culture, the power to use your father’s name is highly beneficial to the specific generation that call itself the “X” or new generation.
    Ya zalameh bi koleyet el 6eb, all over Jordan, iza abook doctor ma3roof you get a mark whether you know shit or not!
    Now tell me, abooy zalameh 3ala gad 7alo, ma3na masari ow mastoora, bas his name doesn’t help me get around, if you know what I mean. Ow my friend Y, has the same mentality as mine but his father’s name can get him wherever the fuck he wants, would he use it or not?
    So tell me how we solve a problem that benefits our new generation more and more as his “3asheere” keeps getting bigger and more powerful?

  3. observationofalostsoul says:

    Thats exactly what my brother said 2 days ago when we were talking bout Was6a o how 90% of kids r getting their ro5as.

    yes we do abuse was6a o we use it for everything. but im talking about principles, about a way of life more suitable for the 21st century. i may be a dreamer yet im not dilluisionist.

    Its just sad that was6a is what sets our society apart than other modern ones. by was6a society i mean most arab countries. ya zalameh it took me 2 yrs to get my license o no was6a o i failled a few times. o till now i hate driving in Amman

  4. Shadz says:

    Ano principles ya zalameh! Howa el 3alam dal fi principles? We’re all dreamers ya sadeeqi, we in the arab world are all dreamers. We’re ruled by a minority who benefit, why should they change anything? You try to change, you’re oppressed by the fact that you aren’t worth shit compared to family flan ow 3alantan. We’re as selfish as can be, and that’s why we fail to see a large number of people who live in between. Families are either living pay check to pay check or rich enough to have breakfast at Blue Fig every day. As long as they’re benefiting, things won’t change.
    I hate being a pessimist, I REALLY like having hope, but if you don’t then you’d be less disappointed. I know I sound like a teenager but what the heck, bokra bakbar ow bashoof.
    I really wish we can induce a change, ow I will never stop trying.

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