Observations: Pedestrians

I walk to campus every day, as thousands of other students. I prefer walking in all seasons except winter, not because I dislike winter, but due to the bad sidewalks in St. John’s. On many occasions I saw pedestrians walking in the street because there was a 4 or 5 foot snow on the pavement that wasn’t plowed.

Some people put their life in danger just to reach their destination on foot. Have you ever tried pushing a baby carriage, with a hand clutching 2 bags of groceries? I saw a mother who was pushing her baby’s carriage and she had one huge grocery bags, and the sidewalk was covered in snow. What should she do? She took her chances, walked in the street, but so close to the snow covered sidewalk and walked all the way to her place.

Students with disabilities who require a wheelchair struggle in the winter in this city. Some times they would call a disabled friendly transportation to take them to their destination. But it isn’t feasible for them to call that company every time they want to get a coffee from Tim Horton’s or a sandwich from Subway. The same applies to senior citizens who use scooters or wheelchairs, they cant drive between cars,  drive on a snow covered sidewalk or an icy one.

The city council should find a permanent solution for sidewalks. Some are really bad, missing chunks of asphalt or cement or whatever material is used. Some sidewalks have holes other than the famous potholes in the streets.


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