Hassan was huge, and powerful, with a smooth bald head that made him seem both wise and ageless. He carried himself with a dignity that was almost regal… ( must continue it) yet his face started to show the strain/pressure/stress of power. grooves appeared/formed around roman nose.

He liked tobacco, a good book, whiskey and occasionally a bit of hashish. He liked to think of himself as a civilized man, though he never studied abroad….

He traveled with ease back and forth, from the east of his youth to the west of his future…

Waxed black moustache….

A child hiding… who just came back from school… a baby gun in his hand. He tiptoed into the house, none of the body guards saw him …

The child is bored… nothing to do, the house is pretty much empty. No wife, nor a mistress around.

Bang Bang Bang


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